We're a band from the South Suburbs of Chicago. Say hi.

I'm going to Chicago in October. Which is better place to eat italian beef: Tony's, Johnnie's, or Portillo's?

I’ve never heard of Tonys or johnnies which is a bad sign. Portillos till I die.

Do you guys like to party?

We like we like to party

Do you guys piss in bottles and stuff on long road trips? I've been doing that since I was 5 and I'll never stop.


Should I cut my hair?


would you guys be interested in doing a split? I'm going to one of the upcoming dates on tour, I could bring some bananas and ice cream and all that. I think it'd be a really cool split.

Sounds great!

Did some cool stuff at the @glamourkills HQ today.

Did some cool stuff at the @glamourkills HQ today.

Some way Some how, just show up maybe. Philly Oct. 4th Self Help Tour. Be there?

We will be in California that day. Fat chance.

Hey! Is there going to be a repress of Oak Street?

No, but we have more copies with us on tour

Did anyone help Ryan do his solo stuff or did he play all the instruments and shit himself?

That lil’ prodigy did it alllllll himself.

Are you coming to florida any time soon 😭😭 miss you guys so much


You guys should come back to boston, the show with neck deep was nuts and I loved it

We played there last night….

Are you guys going to have the Oak Street 7" available on the upcoming tour?


Do any of you guys like anime? If so any favorites?

DBZ was cool.

when are you guys coming to nyc?

Just rolled up. Lookin at your buildings and shit.