We're a band from the South Suburbs of Chicago. Say hi.

Who else does vocals

Nick and kevin

Will it be cool if I bring u guys thanksgiving dinner leftovers on nov. 28


My dad says he'll drive me to your show only if he can stage dive

Dad dives are the best dives.

I can't tell if joe is 21 or like 26 How old is this kid???


who else does vocals in your back porch

Nick, Kevin, and dan lambton

Who else does vocals on fences


I don't have friends can I bring my parents to your show

Of course! They’re more likely to see you having fun and tearing up because of it resulting in them buying you merch.

Why'd y'all take Dead Wrong off of iTunes, BandCamp, YouTube, etc.?

We turned it into a hidden shitty gem

Did you meet any cool people last night in ATX?

We meet cool people every night!

you guys + real friends + state champs + uk = please

We hate every single one of those bands

Is Joe my dad?

Highly unlikely

can you guys post a picture of your merch for the senses fail tour? i want to know how much money to bring

Just bring it all

Heard kevin needs to go to rehab for eating too much ass

Yeah without the lowry’s seasoning salt and everything

kp.... knuckle puck?? or..... kim possible???

I always wanted a rufus