South Suburbs of Chicago. The Weight That You Buried EP now available. Say hi.

How hardcore are you?

The legend of the rent.



Can I bring you guys food in September? Also are you stoked to be touring with no bragging rights and senses fail?

Yes plz and hell yeah, those bands rule. 

Anyone in the band like Green Day?

Yup yup yupppppp

If you were stranded on a deserted island with no Burger King in sight, who In the band would you eat first?

Correct answer: look for the closest Portillo’s. 

Come to the UK, pretty please? (With a cherry on top)


Ay Joe T! I saw you and your girl at Great America this weekend while getting on that XFlight. What other rides did you get to do and what was the favorite?


I met Joe at Tinley Park warped and he seemed like a really cool guy 8) but my question is, state champs, knuckle puck, real friends, and neck deep tour. Possibility?

Joe sucks. that would be a sick tour, i must say.

The only time that I feel fine Is when I'm parked in front of my house with tears in my eyes I find comfort in weakness because it's always there for me You did great Joe

thank you!

I'm proud to be a fan of you guys! I just asked about space jam and was very happy to see you also appreciate jingle all the way. Kudos to you


I was driving home from warped on Saturday and these guys were driving next to me stripping their drunk passed out friend in the back seat and throwing his clothes out the window to us and they said they were knuckle puck

they’re lying.

I hear you're into rap. Who are you favorites? (And do you listen to g Eazy and skizzy mars??)

i do not! lots of vic mensa (listen to him), chance, OF is great (earl esp)

What rf song did you do guest vocals on?

Cover You Up. from their new album.