South Suburbs of Chicago. The Weight That You Buried EP now available. Say hi.

do you have a release date for the new EP?

it’s written in the sand on oak street beach

whats your instagram?







How much would it be to get you to play a house show?

depends on where it is.

are you ever coming to Canada? (preferably Winnipeg)

i friggin hope! the weakerthans!

Real coffee or frilly female drinks with some caffeine?

black coffee.

Do you guys ever check out the local bands that open your shows?

yes! we try our best.

pie or cake ?


We have something really cool to show you tomorrow.

how many tracks on dat album yo?


Are any of you guys actually creeped out by some fans?

sometimes, yes.

Would you rather fight 100 duck size horses or 1 giant horse? And why?

1 giant horse. i would comandeer that betch. ride it around. you feel?

I love you...

you dont know me… :)